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Member Requirements

These ERC Member Requirements are designed to ensure all ERC Members feel welcome, respected and help ERC to run smoothly.


Everyone must always abide by our Member Requirements.


If you feel any of the Member Requirements or the ERC Member Terms and Conditions  are not being followed, please contact a member of the ERC Leadership Team.

1. Emancipated Run Crew Vision & Values


1.1. Our vision is to ‘inspire participation and representation’ in running and to challenge the narrative of who a runner can be. We want to disrupt the prevailing narrative especially in relation to those who may feel excluded from the "mainstream" running community and we want to show that running is something that can, and should, be open to all.


1.2. ERC believes that running can be a powerful tool to make positive changes to a person’s physical and mental wellbeing. We want to encourage greater participation from the black and brown community regardless of age, gender, sexuality, size and ability. We want to create a safe space that celebrates our cultural identities and encourages our community to “Run Free”.


1.3. The ERC Vision is underpinned by the following ERC Values:

  • Representation 

  • Identity 

  • Equity

  • Joy

  • Celebration 

  • Community

  • Support

  • Accessibility 

  • Accountability


2. What is expected from ERC Members


2.1  Every ERC Member is expected to reflect the ERC Vision and embody the ERC Values. As an ERC Member, you are representing our community!  We expect every ERC Member to:

2..1.1 Abide by the ERC Code of Conduct. ERC prides itself on being a welcoming, safe space, open to all who identify as Black, Brown or any person of colour. We respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person and shall treat everyone equally and equitably, regardless of age, sex, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion, sexual orientation, pregnancy/maternity, civil partnership/marriage and wider characteristics (e.g. socio economic status) and we expect every ERC Member to do the same. ERC is committed to building an environment where everyone has the right to participate in running and fitness in an environment free from threat of intimidation, harassment and abuse. All ERC Members and Event Participants have a responsibility to oppose discriminatory behaviour and promote equality of opportunity. ERC has a zero-tolerance policy to offensive or inappropriate behaviour in our community, whether on the Heylo App or at ERC Events. This includes but is not limited to:


  • Intimidation

  • Verbal Abuse

  • Physical Violence

  • Sexual, Physical, or Verbal harassment 

  • Disrespectful Behaviour 


2.1.1..3. All ERC Members & Event Participants should behave in accordance with the ERC Code of Conduct and the ERC Values, and should respect fellow ERC Members and others in the running community both when running, socialising and interacting on social media. We will deal with any incidence of discriminatory behaviour seriously according to our disciplinary procedures. Consequently, ERC reserves the right to impose appropriate penalties for a breach in conduct which include, and are not limited to, a temporary suspension from ERC Events and/or ERC Membership;  and/or removal from the ERC community on Heylo App, and full revocation of ERC Membership. If you feel another ERC Member has behaved in a way that undermines these values, you should report this to someone in the ERC Leadership Team or should notify via the feedback section in the Heylo App OR through contacting  The ERC Leadership Team will take seriously any complaints or allegations made and will follow up in accordance with the appropriate procedures.

2.1..2. Take full liability for your own actions – ERC is not responsible for any loss or injury as a result of your actions.

2.2. ERC run leaders and other ERC Members may occasionally share knowledge and experiences with you.  This should in no way be considered professional advice.

2.3. We love showing the world what a great time we have in the ERC community.  If you share media on the ERC Heylo or WhatsApp group social media sites, we may use this for promotional purposes.  If you don’t want your photos or contributions to be used in this way, please contact one of the ERC Leadership team on Heylo, or  email

3. ERC organised runs

3.1. ERC organised runs will have a run leader and, in some cases, a run assistant.  They are volunteers who have planned out a run for you and are there to help make each ERC organised run enjoyable and safe.  Please follow their instructions at all times. Some of our run leaders have an England Athletics run leader qualification but some may not.


3.2. It is your responsibility to decide whether you are fit and able to run.  If you have any medical conditions that could affect you, it’s your responsibility to make ERC aware of these. If you are ill (including if you have or suspect you may have COVID) please do not attend an ERC run or event. 


3.3. If you feel unwell during a run, it’s your responsibility to stop and to notify the run leader or another runner of this


3.4. Our runs take place on public roads and paths.  Please respect and acknowledge other road and footpath users.  Whilst it is great running with a group of runners it can be daunting or even dangerous for others – run in single file/slow down if you have to, and if someone moves out of the way for us please give them thanks! 

3.5. Look after other runners in the group. Encourage and support each other and slow down if you need to. If you see someone in our group running by themselves, consider joining them and saying hello.

3.6. Take responsibility for your own personal safety and look out for others and warn them if you think they may be at risk.

3.7. If it’s dark, wear high vis clothing.  Being seen is vitally important to staying SAFE.

3.8. If you stop mid-session or leave at the end before the run leader returns, you should notify another member before you go home so they can inform the run leader.


3.9. You must be aged 18 or older to be an ERC Member and attend ERC organised runs.  A child aged 14 or 15 can run with a responsible adult as long as that adult supervises the child at all times.

3.10.  If the run leader considers conditions to be dangerous they may have to cancel the run; they will give as much notice as possible.

4.  Races and Events

4 1. Be supportive of other clubs and their members.  ERC believes in building the running community and championing others is a vital part of this!


4.2. Follow the race/event rules – you are representing ERC as well as yourself!

4.3. Don’t transfer race numbers without express permission from the race organisers. 

4.4. Wear an ERC Member vest or tee when running in a race as an ERC Member unless there is a good reason not to (you are raising money for a charity, weather conditions requires different clothing etc).

4.5. Volunteering is an important way of giving back to the running community.  ERC is currently run by volunteers and giving back to the running and wider community of movement, sports and activities is also at the core of what we do. Volunteering could comprise of anything from handing out water to fellow runners at races to helping to organise charity events. We would love each ERC Member to volunteer at least once during the year, either at your local park run, at an ERC event, or at one of the other volunteer opportunities that ERC will publicise throughout the year.  Volunteering is not mandatory but it is something we support and actively encourage. Remember, without volunteers, organised races won’t go ahead!

5.  General

ERC Members may receive discounted race places, invites to ERC events (e.g. international or national runs) or other discounts (e.g. from brands, stores, for ERC merchandise).  These MUST NOT be shared with anyone who is not an ERC Member.  Anyone who is found sharing these benefits outside of the ERC community without permission risks their ERC Membership being suspended or even revoked.

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