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Emancipated Run Crew is a running community, with diversity and inclusion at the heart of what we do.  We are a group of runners who support and encourage black and brown runners to meet and exceed their fitness goals.  Our aim is to provide a space and a voice to those who may feel excluded from "mainstream" running community - to show that running is something that can be and should be open to all.

ERC is determined to show there is no such thing as a "typical" runner - whether you consider yourself a curvy girl or guy, at the beginning of your running journey, or someone who is at the peak of their fitness, we have a space for you. We always encourage our members to run their own race: the only person you need to compete with is you. And the only thing we ask you to do is Run Free!

Emancipated Run Crew has a team of people who support the running and management of our community.

The Founders of ERC are:

Denise Stephenson

Jules Stephenson 

Trojan Gordon

They are supported by a great team who are:

Michelle Edwards 
Marsha Jackson 

Rachel McKoy

Lionel Mullin

Humphrey Nemar

John Stephenson 

Nina Ashton and Petrina Stephenson  supports our social media platforms.

Stephen D'Souza manages our YouTube Channel.

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